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Glorious Lands and Developments Ltd.

The Glorious Lands and Development Limited (GLDL) was formed to help resolve the residential problems of the agriculturists and others. The GLDL has successfully developed large housing areas called Krishibid City at Birulia, Savar, Dhaka. The company possesses about 800 hectares of land having 3250 plots with provisions for all modern civic facilities.
The project area is on natural high lands and is uniquely protected from all pollutions. Permanent campuses of Glorious University (Proposed) and Glorious International School & College are within the project. The project has also kept provisions for hospital, mosque complex, park, shopping mall, graveyard, playground, etc.
The company has received share money of Tk 34.42 million from some 58 shareholders, against which an average dividend of 20% has been given during the past 16 years. The shareholders have been paid back Tk 52.29 million and their leftover share money is now Tk 80.96 million. The company’s turnover was Tk 832.50 million during 2019-20.



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